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On The Horizon: GibbsCAM 2016, v11.3

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 21 January 2016 19:26
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GibbsCAM 2016, v11.3 is on schedule for a first half 2016 release and should be entering open beta within the next few weeks.  Version 11.3 includes a wide variety of enhancements; here are some of the highlights:


Thread Milling


The Thread Milling process has an expanded set of capabilities, especially when using the new tool type, Full Profile Threadmill.


  • Offers the ability to vary depth with geometry, just as in the Holes process.
  • Understands and works with hole features.

  • Connects between Z passes.

  • Allows for multiple passes and spring passes.

  • Choose whether to rapid or feed from the center to the clearance diameter.


*Full Profile Threadmill is a new tool type:


  • Number of teeth can be 1 or more.
  • Support for threadforms.

  • Support for tapered-angle tools.


*Tapered Thread Milling - for multi-tooth threadmills, derives taper angle from the tool profile.


Multiple Contouring


The Mill module now provides support for performing multiple contours on geometry with user-specified cutter side offsets. Separate sets of controls let you handle closed shapes and open shapes. 


Oriented Turning


GibbsCAM 2016 provides improved support for oriented turning, including the ability to use a single tool at multiple B orientations, re-orient a toolgroup for use on a different spindle, and turn at arbitrary orientations on machines with redundant rotary axes.


  • Rotatetabs for all Lathe processes
  • Support for cake turrets
  • Changes to tool setup




  • Technology Expert - Instead of using the standard Materials dialog to suggest RPM and feedrate, you can calculate recommendations for many other parameters, including depth of cut and speed/feed/angle for ramp or helix plunge types. Calculations are based on material type and hardness, current tool values, and other factors such as conservative or aggressive cutting style, and recommendations can be applied selectively.
  • Spiral motion - Especially in simple pockets like squares and circles.

  • Side Milling - is significantly more efficient, and Side Mill Only is now the recommended setting. The algorithm uses wider radii for higher-speed cutting and better chip clearance. Also, Side Milling uses zigzag motion in situations when it reduces cycle times.

  • Open-Face Milling - Improved algorithms can reduce cycle time for open faces by up to 60%.

  • Performance when regenerating Toolpath - Infrastructure improvements make regeneration smarter and quicker.




5-Axis provides numerous enhancements throughout.


Data Exchange


  • Graphical PMI - Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), can now be imported and displayed from several types of CAD files.
  • NX (*.prt) Files - Files of type *.prt (Siemens Unigraphics UGS/NX files) can now be imported using the Spatial translator. Separate licensing is required.




  • Lathe - Process dialogs for Rough, Contour, and Thread have a slightly different layout.
  • Macros - You can now create balloon help for controls in macro dialogs you create.
  • Hole Manager and Hole Editor - Context menus and new controls offer increased usability and some new functionality.




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