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Why GibbsCAM


1. Ease-of-Use
Plain and simple, GibbsCAM is easier to pick-up and use than any other CAM system on the market. Developed by machinists for machinists, GibbsCAM is an intuitive programming interface that takes fewer clicks of the mouse or strokes of the keyboard to produce G-code.  In fact GibbsCAM is so easy to learn that most GibbsCAM trainees are programming parts on their first day.  Want proof?  Call us and ask for references.

2. Breadth of Capability
GibbsCAM offers a module to meet all of your CNC programming needs, all contained together within one user interface, providing the programmer with a seamless collection of functionality. GibbsCAM programs 2-5 axis milling, turning, mill/turn, rotary milling, high-speed machining, swiss, wire-edm, tombstone, multi-task machining, probing, and solid modeling.  For an overview of our GibbsCAM offerings please see the GibbsCAM Modules pdf below.
     GibbsCAM Modules
3. Un-matched Technical Support
When you work with Virtual Manufacturing Services, you're backed by the kind of support you won't find anywhere else. Our multi-faceted support network ensures that your support needs will always be met.  From the vastly experienced staff here at Virtual Manufacturing Services, to the GibbsCAM corporate Technical Support Department, we have you covered!  For a detailed look at our industry leading multi-faceted support system, please view the Support Network data sheet below.

       Support Network
4. Experience Matters
Founded in 1982, GibbsCAM is a leader in providing cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology. GibbsCAM was developed by machinists for machinists, and that philosophy still shines through today with our signature ease-of-use and intuitive interface. Since 1994, Virtual Manufacturing Services, Inc. has become one of the most experienced and respected CAD/CAM sales and support companies in the country. The Virtual Manufacturing Services staff has 70+ years of CNC manufacturing experience and 50+ years of GibbsCAM programming knowledge, all of which become assets to each and every one of our customers.
5. Zero-edit Post Processing
No more hand editing code! It's simple really, thanks to our dedicated Post Processor Department.  Our post development team and the Virtual Manufacturing Services staff work alongside not only our customers, but the machine tool manufacturers themselves to ensure that the code we produce is precisely what your machine tool needs. With a library of over 15,000 post processors developed to-date, we have programmed nearly everything the CNC machine tool world has to offer.  For further details on GibbsCAM post processing please see the CNC Posting pdf below, or visit our Post Processing page under the GibbsCAM Products tab.
        C.N.C. Posting
6. We Guarantee It
Yes, unlike any of our competitors we fully stand behind our product. Gibbs guarantees your satisfaction with a no-nonsense, no-legalese, 30-day money back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase of a GibbsCAM product, for any reason, you may return it for a 100% refund within the first thrity days after delivery.  We will work to ensure your complete satisfaction with the GibbsCAM products you have purchased.