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Advanced 3D Milling

SolidSurfacer® including Advanced 3D with High-Speed Machining (HSM)

GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer provides powerful capabilities for machining complex 3D solids, surfaces, and STL files with toolpaths tailored for high speed machining and hard-metal cutting. Smooth corners, smooth stepovers and arc fitting minimize sudden direction changes, improving surface finishes. Minimizing tool retracts and maintaining a constant tool load helpsmachine tools to run faster and reduce tool wear and breakage. Automatic gouge protection, tool holder collision checking, and rest material options make it easy to use short rigid tools and large efficient tools in combination to cut parts faster.

GibbsCAMSolidSurfacer including Advanced 3D with High Speed Machining provides the power and flexibility to meet these demands with optimized CNC programs even when cutting hard materials. At the sametime, many of these strategies can improve the productivity of older CNC machines by reducing aircutting, and creating smooth toolpaths maintaining continuous machine tool motion. However challenging your 3D machining needs may be, the GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer option will help you to succeed.

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