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GibbsCAM supports all of the most popular CAD (computer-aided design) data formats available today, ensuring that you can receive and machine your part data.  You won't be locked out of business opportunities because you can't read the data. GibbsCAM gets data in–from just about everywhere. 
  • Autodesk Inventor Certified Application 
  • Solid Edge Certified Select Product 
  • Solidworks Certified CAM Product 

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                            Autodesk Inventor                                                                       Catia
Granite  SolidEdge
                                              Granite                                                                              SolidEdge

GibbsCAM CAD Datasheets 
   CADatathumb          inventor          swdata
             CAD Datasheet                            Autodesk Inventor                  SolidWorks Certified
                                                   Certified Application                     Cam Product  

Customer Success Stories

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